This is When You Should Start Using “Anti-Ageing”

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Have you ever picked up a beauty product only to find that it’s anti-ageing, and you’ve put it straight back? I mean, “fights wrinkles,” “collagen boosting” “retinol repair” …those are words for old women, right?

It turns out us twenty-somethings should be perusing those aisles more often. In fact, according to the experts, it’s in these formative years that preventative care and early treatment can have the biggest effect on the ageing process.

To get the low down before it’s too late, we spoke to Dr. Ronald Moy, founder of specialist skincare brand, DNARenewal, and former President of the American Academy of Dermatology as well as Amie Skilton, herbalist and nutritionist at Bioceuticals. With one specialising in external care, and the other focused on internal health, they gave us a comprehensive guide to preventing ageing.

What causes premature ageing?

“UV damage is the most common cause of premature aging – in fact, 90% of overall ageing is caused by UV damage,” says Moy. “This happens because UV rays damage the skin’s DNA. Our body’s natural defenses are DNA repair enzymes but the amount of DNA repair enzymes we have in our arsenal start to significantly decline at around 30 years old.”

While baking ourselves in the sun is the number one culprit, Moy says other factors like smoking or pollution can also accelerate DNA damage and cause premature ageing. According to Skilton, nutritional deficiencies, poor gut health and excess stress can also play a role.

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How do anti-ageing products work?

“Anti-ageing products work differently based on their ingredients so this is a fairly broad question,” says Moy. “Most anti-ageing products center around antioxidants, which is also a broad term for ingredients that are supposed to mop up free radical damage. This was a theory that came from the 50s, which has since been improved upon with major advances in research. Now we know that ‘free radical damage’ is actually DNA damage caused by UV damage, pollutants and other carcinogens and are more accurately addressed and repaired with DNA repair enzymes.”

At what age would you recommend one starts using them? Why?

“I recommend DNA repair enzyme creams like the ones in DNARenewal to patients of all ages. Your body is constantly using DNA repair enzymes to fight any sunburns or pollutants etc. so supplementing them early on will help speed healing and give your body a better overall defense,” says Moy.

He says this is especially important for people who are predisposed to skin cancer (those who are fair skinned or have a history of skin cancer in the family) or spend a lot of time in the sun. “Our repair enzymes are derived from marine material and our formulations are paraben and sulfate free so there is no danger in ‘over doing it’.”

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With so many products available, which ones are essential?

Skilton and Moy agree that no matter your age, everyone should be wearing a sunscreen every day. “This is important at a young age to prevent premature aging or skin cancers and also at older age groups since your skin becomes more vulnerable,” says Moy. “DNA repair enzyme creams are also good for those who are in their 30’s+ or who have had a history of extensive sun exposure. But sunscreen is the most essential product across the board.”

Of all the beauty products in a woman’s arsenal, which should have anti-aging properties?

“All products in a woman’s arsenal should have some kind of active ingredient otherwise there is no point in using them. The important part of considering a beauty protocol is thinking about what you are using and why. For instance, make sure you have a cleanser that has a gentle amount of an ingredient like glycolic acid like our Foaming Gel Cleanser. A mild formulation of an AHA will help exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt to make sure your other products are absorb fully. Most people’s next step would be a serum. Your serum should have active ingredients that are pure and concentrated like our barley derived growth factor that is bioengineered to stimulate younger and tighter looking skin. Basically, every product you use should have some element of anti-ageing properties since all of these products should be playing a part in your larger anti-ageing goal.”

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What else can one do to prevent early ageing?

According to Skilton, it’s not just what you put on your body that matters. Along with using sunscreen and other anti-ageing products, she says, “keeping inflammation, toxins and hormones under control will help to reduce the risk of skin concerns such as eczema and acne.” And making wise lifestyle choices can help maintain your youth.

Minimise Stress

According to Skilton, stress has a huge impact on our wellbeing, which manifests in our skin. “The hormones released in response to stress affect digestion, hormonal balance and the immune system – which all have a negative impact in the health and appearance of [our] skin,” she says. To combat stress-induced age-ing, one should aim to lead a healthy lifestyle by ensuring adequate sleep and exercise and partaking in calming activities such as meditation and journaling.

Prevent Nutrient Deficiency

“Nutritional deficiencies (e.g. zinc, vitamin C, D and A) can compromise wound healing and collagen health,” says Skilton. In particular, she suggests we ensure an adequate intake of vitamin C as it supports the production of collagen within the tissues.

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Take A Probiotic

Probiotics taken orally or applied topically can help to make your skin look younger. “Topical application of a particular probiotic yeast (Saccharomyces boulardii) has been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis and smooth out the skin,” says Skilton. “Recent research also shows that certain probiotics, taken orally, reduce the impact of UV radiation on the skin. When combined with vitamin A (which supports healthy immune function along mucous membranes such as those of the skin) and Lactoferrin (which has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal activity), the three ingredients provide symptomatic relief of mild to moderate acne.”

Reduce Sugar Intake

“Sugar is extremely damaging to the whole body, but shows up quickly in the skin,” says Skilton. “Sugar consumption results in a process called glycation, in which the molecules attach themselves to collagen fibre causing the skin to become less elastic and more vulnerable to sun damage, lines, and sagging.”

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19 Festive DIY Christmas Garland Ideas

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Spruce up your home with garlands this Christmas. Spread the holiday cheer with these indoor and outdoor decorating ideas using Christmas garland that you can make. They’re festive additions to your Christmas tree, staircase, front door or fireplace mantel. What better way to keep the kids occupied than to have them help craft up some festive decor for around the house? Check out these 19 creative tutorials for crafting fun and festive DIY Christmas garlands perfect for around the tree, down the banister, hung from the ceiling or even just taped on the wall!

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Decorating your home with your family is one of the most exciting things to do during the holiday season.  Pinecones appear seemingly everywhere at our feet this time of year and yet we hardly notice them. Here are some creative and easy ways to bring nature home for the holidays. Here’s a roundup of pinecone crafts and decor you can start making today. If you want to have your home ready for the holiday and put those pinecones to good use, then I suggest you continue scrolling.

Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

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Pinecone Candle Holders



Pinecones & Berries DIY Christmas Centerpiece

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DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments: 17 Great Tutorials and Ideas (Part 1)

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Best Winter Coats Under 150 USD

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Consider also the blend of fabrics of a coat if warmth is a major factor. Wool blends are the best – more wool usually means a warmer coat, whilst polyester provides durability. But if you are in the market for something a little more edgy, look out for this season’s hot ticket item, faux fur! Seen in both short and cropped styles look out for animal prints in particular. Androgynous shapes are also popular, and will give you a little added room to layer woollen jumpers underneath for extra warmth in the coldest months.
Think about the fastening of your coat. Currently double breasted coats are doing the rounds, with new references to classic military styles. Another popular choice is the robe coat that morphs the traditional bathrobe with more conservative top coat silhouettes. Cinch the coat in at the waist with a belt made from the coat fabric itself.Taking these elements into consideration we have sourced 12 coats that tick all the boxes.

Check out our suggestions from the classic duster to the androgynous Scandi coat, in a choice of fabric faux fur to woven wool. All of our selections are reasonably priced will leave you with money in your bank account.

Lightweight Military Trench Coat Black from Missguided: 93.50 USD

Lightweight Military Trench Coat Black From Missguided


This chic trench coat gives just the right amount of military structure to grab everyone’s attention. The mid-calf length, and lightweight fabric, allows you to dress it up or down, making this the perfect fit for all occasions.

Our Verdict:

• With the gold buttons proudly displayed, this Missguided lightweight winter coat is totally on trend.
• Nice cut and details. We especially like the classic knee length tailored shape and sleeve details.
• The coat is machine washable.
• The coat may not be the warmest on our list.
• It is made from 100% polyester.

Waterfall Trapeze Coat in Wool Blend from ASOS Petite: 136.00 USD

Waterfall Trapeze Coat in Wool Blend from ASOS Petite


For those of us who have trouble finding shorter length coats this classy grey number by ASOS Petite provides a great answer. This coat is perfect for any occasion from the board room to a weekend movie. Add to this the coat’s tailored capped sleeve cap and the coat’s double-breasted fastening and you will be set for any occasion. Pair the coat with mid-blue denim skinnies and a casual cream t-shirt to look to keep the look modern and contemporary.

Our Verdict:

• ASOS Petite is a great on-trend alternative for petite women
• Beautifully tailored sleeve caps
• A 65% wool blend with polyester adding both durability and warmth
• Pockets deep enough to house your car keys and keep your hands warm
• Only available in petite sizes
• Can only be dry-cleaned

Longline Faux Wool Duster Coat Nude From Missguided: 108 USD

Longline Faux Wool Duster Coat Nude From Missguided


If you are looking for a classic shape that will see you through this winter and the next, look no further than Missguided’s long-line faux coat. This coat takes the classic duster coat and uses a faux wool to create a well-made staple that you will wear for some time to come. Its light nude colour is a great choice for moving between seasons, giving you a sophisticated edge during winter and the shoulder seasons.

Our Verdict:
• A good priced coat that is well cut
• A classic style that will last past the season
• A great alternative to navy, bland and grey
• The coat is only dry cleanable
• The light colour may not be the be most serviceable colour if this is your first purchase

Double Breasted Over Coat From Monki: 128USD

Double Breasted Over Coat From Monki


If you are on the hunt for a coat that is sophisticated with a contemporary edge, look no further than this gorgeous overcoat by Monki. This coat has an androgynous appearance that is uber-cool and adds that Je ne sais quoi to any outfit. Pair this coat with a winter-white knitted dress, dark skinnies or high-waisted mid-blue denim jeans to create a “street-style meets Scandi” look that is both sophisticated and chic.

Our Verdict:

• A class act that is right on trend – Scandi chic is edgy and relaxed
• Good length
• Split vent in back gives extra room for walking
• Durable and warm from blend of fabric
• Fully lined
• Good price for wool blend (35/65% blend of wool /polyester)

• A higher wool content would make the coat warmer for the cooler months
• Dry-cleanable only

Shawl Collar Robe Maxi Coat From Missguided: 102 USD

Shawl Collar Robe Maxi Coat From Missguided


If you are looking for another coat to add to your wardrobe, this robed maxi coat may be the answer you’ve been seeking. Right on trend this season this robed coat with shawled collar is a hybrid between the traditional bathrobe and a traditional topcoat. Missguided uses a woven fabric in this fully lined coat with its open front and shawl lapels. Its elongated form is both elegant and practical. To enhance the look, layer with monochromatic creams or add dramatic contrast with black from head to toe. Given its lightness, this robe coat will see you through the shoulder seasons.

Our Verdict:

• machine washable
• lined
• functional pockets
• right on trend in style and colour
• durable woven fabric will add warmth


• 100% synthetic- lacks wool for warmth
• open front with no closing- wont keep cold out on those really chilly days

Fialva Faux Coat From Nelly 61.53 USD

Fialva Faux Coat From Nelly


This faux fur coat is a must for those of us looking to turn heads or wanting to have a bit of fun. First and I have produced this shorter style that looks both warm and right on trend. Wide lapels and the front-buttoned closure help give this coat its distinct style. Keep your hands warm in the two front pockets. The jacket is fully lined

Our Verdict:

• fun and right on trend with its leopard print and length
• a welcome alternative to the classic silhouettes for the more daring of us
• button closure to keep out the cold
• convenient placement of pockets – for hands and small items
• reasonably warm for a synthetic fibre
• great price
• fully lined

• 100 per cent synthetic so doesn’t have the warmth and breathability of a wool blend
• may not last the distance of a more classic cut and style

Emilia Shawl Collar Robe Duster Coat From Boohoo: 60 USD

Emilia Shawl Collar Robe Duster Coat From Boohoo


Keep it simple this season with this versatile camel robe coat. This beauty is ready for any occasion whether you are heading to the office or to a college lecture. Boohoo’s duster coat comes with a shawl collar and front pockets. This look gives your weekend wear an androgynous feel, whilst adding a sophisticated layer to your office wear. Its great tailoring gives this piece a classic feel that will see you through to future seasons. Whilst this may not be the warmest coat on the shelves, the md-calf length will certainly keep away the drafts of cold winter air.

Our Verdict:

• Classic camel coat
• Patch pockets for small objects and hands
• Will level up any outfit to a more chic and polished look
• Goes with almost anything you have already got in your wardrobe
• Multi-seasonal
• Reasonably priced
• Great mid-calf length

• Lacks the warmth a woollen blend will give

Coat In Soft Texture With Belt From ASOS: 143 USD

Coat In Soft Texture With Belt From ASOS


This light coloured coat will add an element of sophistication to any outfit whether its formal for work, or causal for Sunday brunch. The design sports shawl lapels and a belt to tie the coat shut and keep you warm. ASOS’s coat can be worn loose, or can be clinched in at the waist with the belt when the temperature plummets.

Our Verdict:

• Soft elegant style
• Wool-mix knit
• Great functional pockets
• Machine washable
• Soft texture
• Great colour that will work with a range of styles and colours

• More wool would ensure more warmth for colder temperatures

Spring Cloud Jacket From NLY Trend: 68 USD

Spring Cloud Jacket From NLY Trend


One of this winter’s must-haves is the short fluffy or shearling coat. This Spring Cloud jacket speaks warm cosy just by looking at the fabric alone! Made in a dark blue, this chic and trendy jacket partners up well with leather leggings to give a sophisticated yet fun look around town. The jacket is fastened with hooks an eyes in the front and is fully lined.

Our Verdict:

• Fresh and edgy
• On trend
• Interesting play on colour – dark blue
• Adds great texture to your wardrobe and look
• Point of difference with the hook and eye fastening

• 100% synthetic- not breathable like wool or as warm

Classic coat in black from KIOMI: 142.50 USD

Classic coat in black from KIOMI


If you are in the market for a timeless classic black coat, this KIOMI textured coat is an ideal candidate. Reasonably priced, this well-cut coat is a 50/50 wool blend, making it both warm and durable. The coat comes with a wide belt to keep you warm on the coldest days, while giving you a sophisticated edge with its front pockets and wide lapels. This coat’s timeless elegance will a reliable and well-loved friend both now and in the future.

Our Verdict:
• Classic shape that can last more than one season
• Great silhouette
• Available in black and camel 50/50 wool/polyester blend is both warm and durable
• Adds sophisticated edge to your wardrobe
• Great length


• Dry-cleanable only
• Slightly more expensive than some of the other options BUT does have a good wool percentage that can bump up the price. That said, this coat is still great value for money.

Oversized Coat In Textured Fabric From ASOS: 136 USD

Oversized Coat In Textured Fabric From ASOS


This oversized coat by ASOS will add a more androgynous and casual look to your wardrobe. The coat has a generous fit that will allow you to layer up with woollen jumpers during the coldest winter months. The coat is a collarless design, perfect for showing off your collection of great winter scarves. It features front pockets and come fully lined.

Our Verdict:

• Fully lined
• Oversized fit allows you to layer for extra warmth
• Sophisticated look minus the traditional collar
• Good mid-calf length that goes well with jeans/trousers and dresses/skirts
• Very versatile style that is both causal cool and chic
• Functional side pockets
• Fully lined
• Added texture

• More expensive than some of the other offerings
• Less wool content which may affect the warmth of the coat
• Dry-clean only

Oversized Knitted Coat In Wool Blend With Shawl Collar From ASOS: 106 USD

Oversized Knitted Coat In Wool Blend With Shawl Collar From ASOS


This oversized knitted coat by ASOS is a wool-rich product that has loads of character. As an oversized coat it is perfect for adding layers during the coldest days in winter. The shawl collar and functional pockets add definition to this uber-cool coat and make it the perfect accompaniment for work and weekends. The clean line of the coat falls at mid-calf, giving the coat an elongated and sophisticated form. This coat has a good wool count and will give you added warmth.

Our Verdict:


• Lovely cut that will make you the envy of your friends
• Nice twist on the nude or camel colour
• Light colour makes this coat it trans-seasonal
• Fully lined
• Functional pockets
• Generous size falls nicely over the body, but also allows you to layer for warmth
• Higher ratio of wool to polyester
• Warm and durable
• Gorgeous shawl collar for detail
• Well-priced for its wool content and style

• Colour may be limiting for some outfits and skin tones
• Can only dry clean

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The World’s Most Magical Christmas Towns (Part 1)

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Christmas is a magical time of year and if you’re dreaming of spending it in a picture-postcard perfect town that seems to have stepped out of the pages of a children’s storybook, these destinations offer the chance for one of the most unforgettable holidays of a lifetime. Many markets feature parades, shopping, music, and entertainment, celebrating local traditions that have become entwined with the Christmas story. We unwrap the best Christmas markets in Europe.

Prague, Czech Republic

Strasbourg, France

Vienna, Austria

Malmö, Sweden

Amsterdam, Netherlands

North Pole, Alaska

Reykjavik, Iceland

Mackinac Island, Michigan, United States

Breckenridge, Colorado, United States

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How To Shower Your Way To Healthier Hair & Smoother Skin

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Showering is something everyone (hopefully) does on a daily basis, whether it is a 3-minute running-late-for-work scrub or a leisurely post-workout wash. And, while there’s no wrong way to shower, following a particular routine can not only save time but also put you on the fast track to healthier hair and smoother skin. Turns out, there’s a lot more to it than just soap and water. It’s all about choosing the right products and applying them in the right order.

So, if you’d like your shower to be a little more streamlined, and a less chaotic, keep scrolling for our top tips.

How to order your shower routine effectively

shower, dove body wash, beauty routine

Detangling your hair prior to showering is key because wet hair is weaker and more susceptible to breakage. It’s also important to dry brush your body to exfoliate the skin and remove your makeup before washing your face.

washing your hair, shower, beauty routine, dove

Be sure to give your locks a thorough rinse, and then it’s time to lather up with a small dollop of shampoo. Work it through the roots and hairline, paying special attention to the neck, as this is where most of your hairs oil collects. If you’ve got super oily hair, shampoo twice. Then, finish off with conditioner.


Firstly, always wash your body after you’ve thoroughly rinsed away all shampoo and conditioner. Why? It’ll help prevent excess product residue clogging your pores. Secondly, look for a moisturising body wash. As soon as you hop out of the shower and dry yourself off, the moisture on your skin starts to evaporate. So, an in-shower lotion can help seal in all that moisture.

Dove, body wash

We can’t go past Dove’s Triple Moisturising Body Wash. It combines NutriumMoisture™ with mild cleansers to nourish and soothe, leaving you with baby soft skin after just one shower (yes, really). Its creamy consistency feels great on your skin, without stripping away the skin’s natural moisture. Even better, the aroma lingers for hours after you’ve towelled off. Not to mention, it’s super affordable and comes packaged in a decent sized bottle that lasts for months. Well, until your partner gets their hands on it, that is.

Dove, body wash, shower routine, beauty

A rushed shave is not pretty. You’re likely to end up cuts and ingrown hairs, which, let’s be honest, don’t really compliment your new tights. Try and replace your razor every five to seven shaves and never store it in the shower to ensure the cleanest shave possible.

Dove body wash, shower routine, cleansing

The longer you’re in the shower, the more time your pores have to open up. That’s why it’s best to save cleansing until last. Hello, squeaky-clean skin!

A dedicated feature for Dove. 

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